Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunset Farm Festival Cook-Off

This past Saturday, 27 October 2007, a few of us got together for a cook-off in Kaysville, UT. The teams that showed up were Ted and Connie Cromer, Dallin Cromer and Jamie Butterfield, and Ranes Carter (me) and Shawn Conlin.

All of us have competed against each other in past cook-offs and all of us are members of the Storm Mountain Chapter. In every competition I have been in with Ted, we have been very close. It is reassuring to me that we our dishes have been so close. I have always been impressed with Ted's cooking... and if his food is that good, and we are always close in scoring... then my food must be pretty good, too! I have to be honest and say I think Ted is the better Dutch Oven cook. I think he is more comfortable cooking with Dutch Ovens than I am.

This weekend, Shawn and I took first place... Ted and Connie took second. But, technically we tied. I'm not really sure how the judges were able to determine who's on first and who's on second, but I know I'm glad I was not a judge. All three main dishes were excellent! Dallin (Ted's son) teamed up with his fiance and did an excellent job.

I have pictures of the event on the chapter web photo album, and I have the recipe book posted on the chapter website. A link to the cook-book can be found on this page.

All in all, I would say this was a good cook-off. I was very impressed with all of the dishes that were presented... and I am honored that we took first place. We all had to be very close in scores!

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